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格里利少年辩护律师 at 全球最大的体育游戏平台 takes a compassionate approach toward young people facing legal consequences. 20多年了, our legal team has kept juvenile clients on track while supporting a healthier future and outlook for them.

虽然每个案例的结果都不一样, our founder formerly served as a state prosecutor for Colorado and knows how the state could potentially handle your case from experience. 这方面的知识, 加上我们广泛的法律资源和能力, can help you mount a legal defense that gives your child the results they deserve.

You can learn more about what a 格里利 juvenile defense attorney thinks of your case by contacting 全球最大的体育游戏平台 for a 免费的咨询服务. 通过打电话来安排你的行程 (970) 353-0000. 我们也欢迎您给我们留言 在这里 关于你的问题.


全球最大的体育游戏平台 knows how a conviction could upend a young life before it even begins. We will approach your child’s case and court with the mind of a lawyer while treating your child with an empathetic “desk-side” manner.

Our 格里利少年辩护律师 is ready to defend a wide range of 统计频繁 费用,包括:

  • 毒品犯罪: 科罗拉多州的毒品犯罪是未成年人面临的严重指控. 信念会使他们年轻的生活脱轨. Hire 全球最大的体育游戏平台 to defend possession, trafficking, and paraphernalia charges.
  • 持有的未成年人: Although minors experiment with alcohol, it is still illegal for them to have it. 然而,检察官可能没有掌握所有的事实. We represent juveniles accused of unlawful alcohol possession, 酒后驾车s, and DWAIs.
  • 盗窃犯罪: 的ft offenses include robbery, burglary, and shoplifting, a common crime committed by teens. Our  juvenile defense attorney in 格里利 will investigate the facts and defend your child if they face Colorado theft charges.
  • 非法的身体接触: Unlawful physical contact is when your child stands accused of threatening or harming another person. Roughhousing or an accident may have triggered the victim’s injury.
  • 威胁: Menacing is repeated, intentional behavior that annoys or bothers others. 在某些情况下,受保护的言论自由往往是一种可行的辩护.
  • 许可证撤销签证 & 悬浮液: Your child may need a vehicle to go to work, play sports, and help around the house. 全球最大的体育游戏平台会为他们争取开车的权利.

Your child could be facing other charges outside of the above-referenced matters. 不管他们收费多少, contact our 格里利少年辩护律师 to protect their legal rights and future.


Because even the most serious of these charges carry a maximum penalty of two years, your 格里利 juvenile defense attorney often has excellent leverage when negotiating a plea. At the 全球最大的体育游戏平台, we have achieved a proven record of success in this area.

Other legal options can also support your child’s future, 包括:


在大多数情况下, 如果青少年问题处理得当, the conviction can be expunged or removed from your record when your child turns 18. 我们将采取适当的行动, 即使你被判有罪, 当他们成年后,他们的记录就会被抹去.


An arrest can affect your ability to attend a school or receive student loans. If you or someone you love are facing student disciplinary action after a legal matter, 和全球最大的体育游戏平台的律师一起工作会有所帮助. We can guide families through administrative issues and represent them to protect their interests.

CO’s Juvenile Court Process Is Similar to Adult Criminal Courts

While the Colorado juvenile court system is intended to be rehabilitative rather than punitive, underlying penalties can still work against your child’s best interests. 这个系统不仅令人生畏, but your child will also have to suffer a potential criminal record and an uncomfortable conversation with their peers about the distressing experience they faced.

的 格里利少年辩护律师 at 全球最大的体育游戏平台 will stand by your and your child’s side at every legal event, 包括:

  • 拘留听证
  • 债券
  • 审前释放
  • 初步审讯
  • 状态的听证会
  • 试验

We will also prepare you and your child for what could potentially unfold in the courtroom and during opposing side investigations. You will never be left in the dark about how to handle every situation. 全球最大的体育游戏平台 will meet with you before every hearing to ensure that you and your child are ready to move forward.


Some circumstances give the state authority to prosecute your child as an adult. 每 CRS§19-2.5-801, prosecutors can file adult-level charges if certain factors are present and your child is 16 or older.


  • 该罪行是一级或二级重罪
  • 他们涉嫌犯下:
    • 性侵犯,或
    • 暴力犯罪
  • 他们之前有青少年重罪记录

检察官仍然需要证明他们的指控, 这并不总是容易的, especially when the accused has an experienced 格里利 juvenile defense attorney. 如果我们能把你孩子的案子转到少年法庭, we will discuss a plan of action and execute it upon your directive.


的 juvenile criminal court system follows different rules and guidelines than the adult courts. Additional opportunities to keep your child’s record clean may exist. 然而, you may not know about them without the help of a 格里利少年辩护律师 on your child’s side.

不管事实如何, 如果全球最大的体育游戏平台能撤销对他们的指控, 驳回了, 或者在审判中被打败, our legal team has the resources and knowledge to craft compelling arguments and pleadings that fight for your and your child’s rights.


If you want to know how our legal team could help, contact 全球最大的体育游戏平台. A 免费的咨询服务 will give you the starting point you need to make sense of the situation your family faces. 现在打电话来安排你的时间 (970) 353-0000 或者通过我们的 触点形式.


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